Traps and attractants for Asian hornets and wasps 

This is the specialists catagory for traps and attractants for Asian hornets and wasps. The Asian Hornet is an invasive species can be harmful to native biodiversity and disrupt the ecosystem. Fortunately, we offer a wide range of effective products that allow you to monitor and control these insects. Read on to find out how our traps and attractants can help you deal with the challenges of Asian hornets.

Monitoring and controlling Asian hornets is critical to reducing their spread and impact. Effective traps and attractants play a vital role in locating and trapping this invasive species. As Imkershop, we understand this importance and offer high-quality products designed to effectively attract and capture Asian hornets.

Attractants: Our lures are specially formulated to increase the attractiveness to Asian hornets. They contain scents that attract the insects. By strategically placing these lures, you increase your chances of a successful capture.

Traps: Our traps are designed to safely capture Asian hornets while minimizing other insects. We offer different types of traps, such as trap cups and more advanced traps that are easy to use and durable. Our traps are effective, environmentally friendly and provide effective control of Asian hornets.

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Showing 1 - 35 of 35 items