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  • Suikerdeeg & voer
    Suikerdeeg & voer
  • Sugar Dough
    Sugar Dough

    A common question is: what is sugar dough? [category id=281]Suikerdeeg[/category] is a mixture of powdered sugar and little water that is often given to bees as a temporary food source. It is intended to help bees during periods when there is little or no nectar and pollen to be found due to no "gestation plants" blooming or the weather being too cold for bees to forage. We have a wide range of different species sugar dough. With us you can also ready-made buy sugar dough with additional vitamins and/or proteins, among other things. Brands you'll find with us include [product id=2019]BeeBoost®[/product], [page controller="search" search_query="apifonda"]Apifonda[/page] (from Südzucker), [page controller="search" search_query="Fondabee"]Fondabee[/page] sugar dough, [page controller="search" search_query="FondabeeFruc"]FondabeeFruc[/page] of (Belgosuc) and various kinds of sugar dough from Dulcofruct. You can buy this wide range of sugar dough all from us. The microfine sugar crystals ensure that the bees have the absorb quietly. It is also possible to make your own sugar dough and/or sugar water. For 1 kg of sugar dough mix 900 grams [product id=1421]powdered sugar[/product] with 100 grams of water. In some situations, you could also add some of your own honey. In that case, make sure you own honey of the bees used to prevent foul brood or other infections. To make 1 liter of sugar water use 800 grams of sugar and 500 ml of water. For large quantities, it is recommended to use a [category id=139]suikersmelter[/category] to use.

  • Protein for bees
    Protein for bees

    Bees are hard-working insects that naturally seek food to feed their hive or hive population and store a winter supply in the form of honey. An important part of their diet is [category id=282]proteïne[/category], which they need for the brood nest, to grow larvae. Proteincan be found in the pollen of flowers, among other things. Sufficient protein ensures healthy bees. Too little protein reduces the resistance of bees resulting in a weaker hive. Feeding extra protein with vitamins is therefore important if your hive is weak or the supply of natural protein through pollen is minimal. Supplemental feeding will quickly strengthen a hive.

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  • Vitamin supplements
    Vitamin supplements

    In this category you will find vitamin supplements for your hive. Vitamin supplements are meant to give your hive an extra boost when needed. For example, these supplements can ensure that your hive strengthens and has a better resistance or that certain bee diseases are fought.

  • Sugar melters / Sucapi
    Sugar melters / Sucapi

    A sugar melter can easily be used to make a saturated sugar solution. Without electricity, hot water or/and stirring. In fact, a saturated sugar solution arises automatically. Thus, the ideal way to make sugar water!