All sizes of mounted hive windows 

Are you looking for mounted windows that are ready-made can get into the hive? In this category you will find windows for both the honey- as incubators of all kinds. These windows are already equipped with eyelets and stainless steel wire and for some windows you also have the choice of ordering them with fused artificial street.
Notice: Fused windows are shipped at the customer's risk due to the fragility of the fused artificial street.
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Showing 1 - 64 of 64 items

What are hive windows for?

Hive windows use to manage your hive. Hatchery windows are where the queen lays eggs. Honey room windows are used as a place for the bees to collect their honey. Honey room windows are mostly less higher than incubator windows.

What types of windows are there?

When choosing hive windows you have several options. To begin with is there is, of course, a difference between honey room windows and incubator windows. Within our range, you also have the choice of different types of wood when picking out windows for certain models. The most common types of wood within our range are lime and pine. For some window sizes, windows of solid plastic available. These windows are very sturdy and are already equipped with plastic artificial street. These windows are best "painted" with a very thin layer liquid beeswax.

With most windows in this category, you can also choose between two types side slats. If you choose windows with normal, narrow side bars, you will also spacing want use to there for ensuring that the windows all hang at the correct distance from each other. The Hoffmann windows have somewhat wider side bars by which proper spacing of the windows in the side slats is processed . The width of the side bars ensures that the windows always hang at the correct distance from each other in the hive. No need to use spacer strips for this.

For some windows, you can also choose whether to order them with or without a saw cut. Windows with saw cut have a groove in the center of the top slat. The artificial street with a saw cut is also just a bit longer than the artificial street without a saw cut, so the artificial street falls exactly into the groove and is therefore a bit more secure.

Finally, for some windows, there is also a difference in the wiring. In most cases, the stainless steel wire in the windows is horizontally strung, but within our range you can also choose windows for some window sizes that are vertical wired are. Windows with vertically spanned wire are generally commonly used in Belgium, while in the Netherlands horizontal stringed windows are more often preferred.

Windows hive rather assemble yourself?

Would you rather assemble the windows for your hive yourself? View all our unassembled windows. Al the tools you need to assemble the windows (wire tensioner, eyelets, stainless steel wire, etc.), you will find in the category 'Window maken'.