• Slingers
  • Harvesting Tools
    Harvesting Tools

    Looking for honey harvesting tools? We have a wide range of honey harvesting tools in stock and in various price ranges. The assortment is tremendously diverse for you as a beekeeper in honey harvesting.

  • Glass jars, bottles, honey buckets & lids
    Glass jars, bottles, honey buckets & lids

    Within this category you will find a large selection of the glass honey jar in various shapes and sizes. We offer the honey jar in round and hexagonal shapes with a choice of sizes. You can buy small honey jars from 30 grams (4 cm high) and large ones up to 1 kilogram (14 cm high). For each honey jar spare lids are also available. For the honey jars with the standard lid size (63 mm), we offer the possibility to order the jars without lids as well. You can then choose a print other than standard gold. Shipping of glassware is no problem at all, although it is possible that an occasional jar breaks. This is at the risk of the buyer.

  • Labels

    Swirled your own honey and poured it into jars? Then the next step is a label for your own honey jars. Honey labels are available with or without the name of the variety. If your type of honey is not listed, please ask for the possibilities. It is also possible to make your own labels and have them printed by us. Look under labels for more information.

  • Propolis oogst
    Propolis oogst
  • Pollen & stuifmeel oogst
    Pollen & stuifmeel oogst