Zander polystyrene hives 

The Zander hive is also available in a plastic version. This is the Zander polystyrene hive. This hive is also known as the Zanderbeute. This hive is also available in hout verkrijgbaar deze vind je in de categorie wooden hives. The hive consists of 2 or 3 removable parts: the upper part is the honey chamber and the lower part is the brood chamber. Both the brood chambers and the honey chambers are the same size. This is one of the innovations in the Zander hive.

The advantage of the plastic Zander hive

A plastic hive resists moisture well and insulates well, meaning the hive loses little heat. The plastic hive should also be painted to protect against UV light, as plastic can become tarnished. To do this, use speciale verf voor kunststof bijenkasten. The kunstor Zander hive can also be delivered painted. It is then already ready-to-use. After the hive is painted, you can house a colony. A plastic hive requires little maintenance, only painting and touching up if necessary. This is the only maintenance. This assures you of a hive that will last a long time. In addition, the hive is super lightweight and therefore easy to move.

Disadvantages of a plastic hive

A plastic hive also has disadvantages. For example, it can be more easily dented by using the hive chisel because the material is softer than wood. However, this also depends on how carefully the beekeeper handles the tools. These polystyrene Zander hives are of a hard pressing, so damage during use is tremendously less. Want to read more about the history of the Zander hive? Take a look at the category houten Zander bijenkasten.

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