Gift items 

As a beekeeper just a little more fun to give away or package a jar of your own honey? Here you will find a rich array of gift items that are fun to give away, but can also be purchased for your own use. Honey spoons, postcards or richly filled gift packages, there is something for every bee lover.

  • Honey spoons
    Honey spoons

    Honey spoons in different shapes and sizes, fun to give away with your own honey or use yourself in your honey jar! The spoons are each sold, but when purchasing multiple honey spoons, a nice discount is often charged. This makes it fun to sell the spoon at bee markets and with your own honey as well. A honey spoon makes scooping honey much easier. Because of the honey spoon while turning from the jar, the honey stays attached to the spoon. If you then hold the spoon still above your sandwich or tea, the honey flows down nicely.

  • Gift wrapping
    Gift wrapping

    As a beekeeper and beekeeper, there is nothing like giving gifts from your own apiary. Beautiful packaging quickly makes a gift complete. Below you will find a variety of bee-themed wrapping materials.

  • Gift Card
    Gift Card

    A gift card for the beekeeper. Wonderful carefree shopping in our webshop and at checkout this amount as a discount or just pay nothing at all. Is the full amount not used? Then just use it the next time. And the validity is 3 years!

  • Child & baby
    Child & baby

    Gifts for children and babies to spark early interest in beekeeping. Learned young is done old!

  • Ansichtkaarten
  • Imker cadeauartikelen
    Imker cadeauartikelen
  • Gift packages
    Gift packages

    Looking for a gift for yourself or someone else? Then these curated packages might be for you! The gift packages consist of treats, utensils, books and/or other (bee) products. These fun gift packages are put together for both the beekeeper and bee lover.

  • Braided baskets
    Braided baskets

    In this category you will find all our braided baskets.

  • Antique wax and beeswax polish
    Antique wax and beeswax polish