Plastic swarm boxes & six-framers 

A 6-window coastal stovetop hive, also known as a six-window or swarm hive, is a compact hive designed to house 6 simplex brood chamber frames. Or other sizes of hive windows. These windows are identical to those in a thrift or simplex hive. In this category you will find the plastic version of these hives, it is also beschikbaar in hout. The plastic, often a type of Styrofoam, provides excellent insulation, which is especially useful in small hives. Thanks to this insulation, it is possible for a colony of bees to spend the winter in the hive, something that is more difficult in a wooden hive. In addition, plastic hives are lightweight and therefore easy to handle. Many beekeepers have both plastic and the wooden six-ramer in use. Often one is always in their car so they can quickly catch a swarm when they come across one.

When using a plastic hexramer, we always recommend using it verven. The reason is that the type of plastic, often EPS (Styrofoam), can degrade under the influence of UV light. The paint protects against UV radiation and extends the life of the cabinet. In addition, painting offers the opportunity to add a personal touch to the hive, both for your own recognition and for the bees, to help them return to the right hive."

The six-window hives in the simples and thrift box sizes are suitable for both Dutch and Begian windows.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items