Hives & hive weaving equipment 

An old-fashioned beehive is beautiful, isn't it? In addition to being beautiful, a hive is tremendously practical for creating swarms and/or housing a colony of bees. Hives come in various sizes and shapes and are also very decorative in the garden! Browse our wide selection below and choose the hive that suits you. What is your favorite model? A small queen hive as decoration or a large hive, or tipping, to house a queen with her court. A hive beekeeper often keeps his bees in a hive these days because he wants to keep the tradition alive. The hive beekeeper generally does not do this for harvesting honey. Here is a bijenkast with windows, in fact, much more practical for it.

Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items

Where do I place a beehive?

You can simply place a beehive in your own backyard. To place a beekeeper hive we do have a few tips. We recommend using the beehive at/ to be placed under a roof/ canopy. This will keep the hive dry when it rains. Furthermore, we recommend placing the hive on a dry surface and a small elevation, such as on a shelf resting on two boxes or on a trestle.

What material beehive?

Our range of beehives consists of various sizes and types. The Beehive Imkershop is a braided beehive from rye straw. Also our koninginnekorfje is gemaakt van roggestro en is ook mooi als decoratie of aankleding van de tuin. Onze Fair Trade bijenkorven are made of tightly braided seagrass. Sea grass has the look and feel of a basket made of bunt grass/pipe straw. The baskets are available in 10 different sizes. These baskets also happen to be Fair Trade and by doing so you support the people in the poorest provinces of Rangpur and Bogra in Bangladesh. The sea grass and natural materials used are harvested in such a way that no harm is done to the environment.

Making your own beehive

Would you rather not buy beehive, but would rather make one yourself? In our assortment you will also find materials to weave your own beehive. There is also a handy starter kit basket weaving available:. This contains all the supplies needed to weave a beehive yourself, except for the straw or bunt grass.

Other braided baskets

We also gevlochten manden in meerdere vormen, zoals een rechthoekige vorm, een klein mandje in ster vorm or a lief hartje. Very useful as a fruit basket, for decoration or gift wrapping. All our braided baskets are FairTrade produced.