Beekeeper clothing & beekeeper gloves 

Are you an experienced or starting beekeeper in need of new beekeeping clothing? Then you will find a large assortment at the Imkershop. We are happy to explain the options so that you as a beekeeper know which beekeeping outfit is best for you. Whether you are looking for a complete bee suit (imkeroverall) of een imkerjack, -trui, -broek,handschoenen, losse kap of arm- en beenbeschermers. Alle beschermende imkerkleding en losse onderdelen of these for sale from us are of excellent quality to work well in your hive with as few hindrances as possible! For example, they feature solid branded zippers, supple but sturdy fabric and visor mesh that allows you to see well through. Of course, cheaper hoods for visitors to the apiary are also available.

  • Jacks & Blouse
    Jacks & Blouse
  • Handschoenen
  • Beekeeper Pants
    Beekeeper Pants

    In addition to wearing a [category id=46]imkerjack[/category] is een imkerbroek ook erg handig. Het zorgt er namelijk voor dat je (dankzij de koortjes en de stof) extra goed beschermd bent tegen bijensteken. Aangezien onze imker broeken bij de enkel een elastieken koord hebben, sluit de broek goed af en kruipt er geen bij naar binnen. Een imkerbroek is een fijne oplossing voor het [category id=180]werken in de bijen[/category] en ziet er daarnaast ook nog eens heel professioneel uit. De broeken zijn verkrijgbaar in dikke en dunne stof, in de maten XS t/m XXL en zijn unisex uitgevoerd. Dankzij het elastiek in de taille past de broek in verschillende maten vrijwel altijd. Ken je onze [product id=1626]‘AirFree’ broek[/product] already? Made up of no less than 3 layers, these pants provide the best protection combined with fine ventilation.

  • Arm and leg protectors
    Arm and leg protectors

    Arm and leg protection

    Sometimes your hive is a little less tempered or more aggressive, or you just want to go into bees extra well protected. Then arm and leg protectors (also called gamaschen) can be very handy. These arm and/or leg protectors provide the extra protection you need over your bees. [product id=708]onderbenen[/product] and ankles and pants and about your [product id=707]onderarmen en mouwen[/product], making it more difficult for the bees to enter the beekeeper's suit through the pants or through the sleeves.

  • Overals
  • Kinderkleding
  • Losse kappen
    Losse kappen
  • Spare parts
    Spare parts

    Spare clothing parts - hoods

    If the hood of your beekeeper suit broke while working in the bees, it is not always necessary to buy a new suit. With buying a loose spare part Of course you save costs and you also save the environment. In this category you will find spare hoods for various models of bee-keeping suits in round and English models that are zipped on to the jacket or overall with one or two zipper parts. For the handy beekeeper with needle and thread, we also have [product id=649]loose visor mesh[/product] for sale.

  • Beekeeper socks
    Beekeeper socks

    Socks for the beekeeper and/or bee lover. These socks have a beautiful print. The socks are made of sturdy cotton.

A beekeeper coverall or just a -jacket?

Every beekeeper naturally wants to be well protected at work. On the one hand to prevent possible bee stings and on the other hand to protect one's own clothing from, among other things. bijenwas, propolis en/of honing. Good protection against bee stings occurs when bee clothing does not pinch anywhere and you can wear another layer of your own clothing underneath. If the fabric is tight on the skin, it is possible for a bee to sting through it. If a bee suit is loose around the body, with another layer of clothing underneath, this is almost impossible. However, bees do like to crawl up from the legs and thus consciously and unconsciously try to crawl into the beekeeper's clothing. Overalls have fewer openings and therefore offer the best protection in combination with boots, for example. If you have more experience then a jacket or hood is very practical for short jobs in the bees.

How do I choose the right size?

It is better to buy a beekeeper jacket a little too big than a little too tight. In spring, fall and winter, it is nice to be able to wear a thicker fleece underneath without having your movements hindered by clothes that are too tight. Having doubts about a size to choose? Then feel free to contact us to come to the right size choice, as we have the right size of beekeeper clothing for sale for everyone! Check out our online flyer with maattabel.

A round or English hood?

As a beekeeper, choosing between a round and English hood is sometimes difficult, as the hoods both have different advantages. An English (hooded) model has the advantage that the hood takes up less space so you are less likely to get caught in a tree or bush with it. Of this English hood, the back is fabric. In addition, an English hood allows you to take a closer look at a window with brood/eggs. The disadvantage of an English hood is that in wind, the mesh can blow against the nose more quickly. With a round cap, the advantage is that it provides excellent protection from the sun and is also perceived as slightly more airy. Furthermore, a round cap has two rings that ensure that the mesh stays further away from the face. A round or English hood? Each beekeeper makes his personal consideration and choice.

What color beekeeping clothing is best?

Much is said about beekeeping clothing and how bees respond to it. Which colors are really best is not entirely clear. Traditionally, white is worn by beekeepers in the Netherlands. Increasingly, you also see khaki beekeeper suits. The advantage of khaki beekeeper clothing is that it looks less likely to get dirty and blends in more with nature. Each country has its own favorite color. For example, bright yellow is very popular in Italy. Which color you choose doesn't matter. The protection is generally the same. So every beekeeper can make their own choice.

BeeFun beekeeper clothing

The BeeFun® brand specializes in protective bee clothing and strives to give the beekeeper a safe and enjoyable experience while working in his or her hive. All BeeFun® beekeeper clothing has a logo on the left chest and is produced under European quality standards with a Dutch design. Almost all of our BeeFun® clothing has the CE mark. An important part of the protective clothing are the zippers. They must fit well and be strong. Clothing from the Imkershop is (almost) always equipped with a zipper of the top brand YKK, even in the budget models. This allows you to change the hoods most of the time and in case of damage you only have to replace the hood. Moreover, for beekeeper jackets, densely woven fabric is used so that a sting cannot just poke through. In the 'AirFree' models, the fabric consists of 3-layers to ensure good protection from the bees in addition to very comfortable ventilation!

Need advice?

Still have questions after all this information? We would be happy to advise you on the best beekeeping clothing in your situation. Feel free to contact us today!