Tools for working with the bees such as stirrers and hive chisels.

  • Berokers for bees
    Berokers for bees

    A [category id=2]beroker[/category] is an essential part of a beekeeper's equipment. Although you can also work with a plant sprayer and water, a beroker is often needed. A plant sprayer only works on reasonably calm bees, while a beroker calms bees. This leaves you free to work. The smoke in the beroker causes bees to suck up honey, making them less likely to sting. Bees suck up honey because they think there is a fire and they need to carry a supply if they have to flee.

  • Kastbeitels
  • Overigen
  • Making windows
    Making windows

    Tools for making and machining the windows, such as a wire tensioner and eyelet setter.

  • Tabak
  • Vegers
  • Transportation & Transportation
    Transportation & Transportation

    Travel frames and separators can be found under hive parts. Transporting the bees is a breeze with proper preparation and the right beekeeping tools. In the evening, seal the flight gap of the hive with a piece of tape or foam rubber. If necessary, put a travel window or sepator on the brood or honey chamber for extra ventilation. Then put a travel strap or tension band around it and you're done. Useful are possibly the extra travel strap handles if the handles are a bit awkward on the hive.

  • Parts for Beroker & Dathepipe
    Parts for Beroker & Dathepipe

    Berokers and Dathepipes are used intensively by the beekeeper. A pity if a part of the tube is broken. To prevent the beroker or pipe from having to "retire" right away, you will find spare parts for berokers and pipes here.

  • Swarm tools and lures
    Swarm tools and lures

    Here you will find everything related to swarming: swarm scoop bags to scoop a bee swarm as well as swarm lures for catching a bee swarm. Lures contain a scent trap to attract swarms of bees.

  • Dathepipes

    Dathepipes for fumigation of your hive. The advantage of a dathepipe over a beroker is that you keep both hands free to work with your hive. You blow the smoke over the hive without using your hands which calms the bees.