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Imkershop has the perfect hive for sale, for both the novice beekeeper and the more experienced beekeeper and both wooden hives and plastic hives. They are of high quality and for sale in varying composition and design, from a practical to a classic model. You can choose a small hive with for example a brood chamber and a honey chamber but also a large luxury hive with all the trimmings. Even a glass cover shelf is included with the deluxe model to monitor the hive without opening the hive all the way and disturbing the hive. Imkershop sells the Savings Hive, Segeberger, Dadant, Dadant-Blatt (Frankenbeute), Langstroth, Top Bar Hive and Warré hives and several other types such as the Apimaye. In addition, in this category you will also find parts such as a bottom, a roof, an additional brood chamber etc. The parts have the general standard sizes so that the material of a particular model is interchangeable.

  • Wooden hives
    Wooden hives

    Beekeeping in wooden hives is an environmentally friendly way to keep bees. But we also have plastic hives, this assortment you can find in the category [category id=290]kunststof bijenkasten[/category] bekijken. De kasten zijn veelal gemaakt van onbehandeld hout, een herbruikbare grondstof wat de bijen een fijne leefomgeving biedt. Door het gebruik van houten bijenkasten draagt je bij aan het duurzaam imkeren. Bovendien zijn houten bijenkasten gemakkelijk te onderhouden, bijvoorbeeld door het gebruik van milieuvriendelijke [category id=134]verf[/category] op natuurlijke basis bij grenen bijenkasten. Investeer in een houten bijenkast en je doet iets goeds voor het milieu en de bijen. Wil je een houten bijenkast kopen? In onze online winkel bieden wij verschillende soorten bijenkasten aan, zoals de [category id=170]Simplex (dubbelwandige) bijenkasten[/category], de Spaarkast bijenkasten in [category id=55]grenen[/category] of [category id=221]red cedar[/category] of de [category id=111]Warré bijenkast[/category]. Daarnaast hebben wij ook een grote [category id=9]diversiteit aan broed- en honingkamer raampjes[/category], zoals [product id=1744]Simplex broedkamer ramen[/product] for the Saving Cabinet, [product id=810]Belgisch Simplex broedramen[/product] of [product id=1857]Dadant Blatt Hoffmann ramen[/product]. Bijna alle ramen zijn gemonteerd en ongemonteerd verkrijgbaar zowel voor broed- als honingkamers. Daarnaast vindt je bij ons ook bijpassende [category id=50]kunstraat[/category], [category id=82]koninginneroosters[/category] of [category id=133]vlieggatstrips[/category]. It is important to know that each hive has its own advantages and disadvantages. Also consider the specific characteristics of the hive and your personal preferences and experience as a beekeeper before choosing a hive. With us, you can surely choose the wooden hive and its components that are suitable for you.

  • Plastic hives
    Plastic hives

    [category id=290]Kunststof bijenkasten[/category] zijn een alternatief voor de traditionele [category id=3]houten bijenkasten[/category]. They are made of durable plastics that are weather resistant. Plastic hives have a number of advantages over wooden hives. For example, they are lightweight and therefore easy to lift, easy to clean & maintain and provide good insulation.

    Another advantage of plastic hives is that they sometimes do not need to be painted to extend their life.

    However, it is important to ensure adequate ventilation (openings) in the summer to prevent it from getting too hot in the hive. All in all, plastic hives offer a number of advantages over traditional wooden hives. Want to buy a plastic hive? Then as a beekeeper, it is important to carefully consider which option best suits your specific needs and circumstances.

  • Windows & artificial street
    Windows & artificial street

    Beekeeping frames and artificial straw are among the basic materials for beekeeping. Besides frames for the Dutch size Simplex hive, you can also order frames for the Belgian hive size, Simplex combi frames or top slats for a Warré hive. They are available assembled and unassembled. Artificial street also comes in types and sizes from cast to rolled or darren street. The artificial street is available Without Cut and With Cut. You will also find products for mounting windows such as wire and eyelets.

  • Korven
  • Kastonderdelen

Beginning beekeeper?

We are happy to help you on your way! Imkershop also has a suitable hive for sale for you. There are "Starter", "Easy" and "Deluxe" hives in wood and/or plastic, with which you can get started right away in your own garden or on your pitch! It is customary as a starting beekeeper to start with a Savings hive. This is because this hive is the most common size in the Netherlands. A beekeeper or association in your neighborhood can then easily help you get bees at the right window size for your hive. Do you find it difficult to make a choice? Then feel free to contact us.

If you place hives in your own, it's a great opportunity to learn even more about nature on a daily basis. For example, you will see how important the climate is for bees and experience the differences between honey bees, solitary bees and wasps. Before taking over a hive offered for sale, it is advisable to visit an experienced beekeeper and have a look. Also, the books "First Aid for Beekeeping - E.H.B.I.) and "Beekeeping How Do You Do It?" are standard works for the (beginning) beekeeper. A hive in your own garden is best placed with the flight opening facing south or southeast. If you want to prevent the bees from volatilizing (from one hive to another), a meter apart is the best positioning. Furthermore, it is fine to place them on a perch about 40 cm off the ground. This ensures that moisture from the ground has no chance and you have a pleasant working height. Beekeeping is a fascinating hobby in which you are constantly amazed and continue to learn. No bee year is the same!

Wooden hive

In nature, a colony of bees usually makes a nest in a hollow tree, chimney or other recess. A bee hive usually has a capacity of about 30 - 60 liters. It is a perfect replacement for such a natural space. A hive can then be more easily managed by the beekeeper and is protected from the weather. Imkershop's wooden hives are characterized by the beautiful quality pine, red cedar and the choice of 'Easy grip' hives with handles across the entire width of the front and back of brood and honey chambers. This makes lifting a lot easier. The wood type red cedar can be put to use immediately untreated. To prevent discoloration, you can treat these cabinets with propoleum or linseed oil. Pine cabinets are best treated with paint or propoleum for long life. Would you like to expand a cabinet or replace a part? All parts can also be ordered separately.

Plastic hive

A plastic hive is very suitable for the beekeeper who prefers not to lift too much weight. Hives made of styropor/EPS (compressed Styrofoam) or polystyrene (an even sturdier pressing) have the great advantage of being super light. These plastic hives give excellent insulation and are also very easy to paint. They come in many different sizes and can also be purchased ready painted. They are additionally competitively priced and provided the plastic is recycled are also durable. Another type of hard plastic hive is the Apimaye hive where larger (Dadant or Langstroth) windows are used. In short, there is also choice in plastic hives.


For the beekeeper who wants to beekeeping with a hive, several designs and sizes are for sale, from a small (ornamental) queen hive to a super large FairTrade hive. The hives Holland are made of rye straw, the Fair Trade hives of sea grass as well as the SunHives. These last two are handmade, come in many sizes and shapes and with them you also support the people in the poorest provinces of Rangpur and Bogra in Bangladesh.

Imkershop advice needed?

We are happy to advise you on the best hive for your situation. Feel free to contact us today!