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  • Books & Information and Promotional Materials (also free)
    Books & Information and Promotional Materials (also free)

    Beekeeper books and free pdf files of interest to the beekeeper or interested party. For example, you can download the WUR pest control guide for free. But also other interesting literature. If you also want to sell your own honey, you can find advertising material for the sale of honey here.

  • Gift items
    Gift items

    As a beekeeper just a little more fun to give away or package a jar of your own honey? Here you will find a rich array of gift items that are fun to give away, but can also be purchased for your own use. Honey spoons, postcards or richly filled gift packages, there is something for every bee lover.

  • Honing en honingheerlijkheden
    Honing en honingheerlijkheden
  • Cosmetics & health
    Cosmetics & health

    Cosmetics based on products from the hive. Within this category you will find various cosmetic products such as creams, balms, soaps, ointments, propolis products, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and much more. These products contain propolis, honey, beeswax or the like from the hive. We offer products from the Propolia brand, among others.