Swirled your own honey and poured it into jars? Then the next step is a label for your own honey jars. Honey labels are available with or without the name of the variety. If your type of honey is not listed, please ask for the possibilities. It is also possible to make your own labels and have them printed by us. Look under labels for more information.

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    A4 Honingetiketten
  • Labeling machines
    Labeling machines

    These machines make it easy to label honey jars and other jars. The labeling machine is designed to automatically affix self-adhesive labels to honey jars. Working with these a labeling machines can save you a lot of time. The labeling machines are available in both manual and automatic versions.

  • Pens for glass decoration
    Pens for glass decoration

    Give your honey pots a unique design with our decorative glass pens. Choose from classic, transparent or metallic pens and let your creativity run wild. Create beautiful and unique honey jars, or give other glassware a personal touch. Our pens are available in a variety of colors.

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