• Sowing period spring & summer
    Sowing period spring & summer

    Gestation plants in this category can also still be sown in the summer. If you may have been too busy with a beekeeping course in the spring, these plants are a good option to sow even after the spring or in the summer. The gestation plants provide more honey yield. Good for the hives and bee population. Tip hand out seeds to neighbors, that way you have more gestation plants and the neighbors have a beautiful garden with flowers.

  • Flower mix & mixtures
    Flower mix & mixtures

    Do you love bees and variety? Then a mixture of different kinds flower seeds might be for you. Our seed mixes are specially formulated for bees and insects and contain various seeds, providing a beautiful flowerssea is created. Very suitable for the garden, field or at a bee stand.

  • Bulbs of gestation plants
    Bulbs of gestation plants

    In this category you will find all our organic flower bulbs of gestation plants. For bees, the flowers of flower bulbs are an important food source in spring. The flower bulbs we offer are certified with a Skal quality mark. This means that no chemical pesticides and fertilizers were used.