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  • Other hive parts
    Other hive parts

    This section includes all other parts for hives and hives. This can be a strip to make your own pollen trap or a complete pollen trap. But also for example handles for the homemade hive.

  • Bottom mesh
    Bottom mesh

    Make your own hive? Nice, but you often don't have certain parts like varroa bottom mesh. The Imkershop has this bottom mesh in two qualities: stainless steel (we recommend this mesh if working with acids in the hive) and galvanized bottom mesh. Apart from dropping varroa mites through bottom of the hive and measuring infection, it is also an ideal ventilation for on the stand or while traveling with the bees. The mesh can also be used for making separators.

  • Roofing for hives
    Roofing for hives

    Roofing materials for making or repairing hives yourself.

  • Fly-hole slide and fly-hole strips
    Fly-hole slide and fly-hole strips

    A fly-hole slide is a strip that allows easy closure of the hive. Fly-hole sliders are particularly useful for six-window hives or beekeepers who travel a lot with their hives, for example. Just close the fly-hole slide and the hive is ready for bee transport.

  • Paint for the hive
    Paint for the hive

    Painting the hive is important for the longevity of the hive for the hive. The paint coating provides protection, for both the wooden and plastic hive. We can divide the surfaces of the hive into several parts, namely: the outside of a wooden hive, the outside of the plastic hive, and the inside of both a wooden and plastic hive. In practice, the inside of a plastic hive is never painted. Of the plastic hive, only the outer sides are painted. For painting the inside of the plastic feeder, a special feeder lacquer (Biosana lacquer) can be used. When painting wooden hives, it is very important to include the ends well against watering in during rain. Also, the inside of a wooden hive is not treated with paint but you can treat it with Propoleum, for example. You paint a hive to make it last longer and protect it from the weather. An unpainted wooden hive will quickly deform or warp under the influence of moisture, and a plastic hive will weather over time under the influence of UV light.

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