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Thymovar is a pesticide for the Varroa mite. It works by means of volatile substances that evaporate in the hive which the Varroa mite cannot withstand. There are 2 x 5 strips in a package. Use 1 strip per brood chamber. For a Dadant hive you can use 1.5 strips per brood chamber.

Suitable for use after the last honey harvest and very easy to use. One puts the amount of strips in the hive, if necessary with a nail, and the treatment begins. Supplied with instructions in Dutch and very clear!

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Now also available ApiGuard!

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Thymovar against varroa

If you Thymovar orders, then of course you want to know how to use it in a hive as well. The Thymovar comes with a clear Dutch manual for use in a hive. Below we will explain in general terms how a Thymovar treatment work if you want to use it in a hive.

Treating a hive with Thymovar

The treatment with Thymovar strips is quite simple. For the best performance, serve all bee colonies to be treated twice. For the first treatment, you can put 1 strip on the windows of the upper brood chamber for 3 to 4 weeks. Are you using a Dadant cabinet? In that case, since this hive is quite large, you can use 1.5 strips per brood chamber. The second treatment proceeds in exactly the same way. During treatment a thymol vapor is released from the strips. The varroa mite cannot stand this and dies.

When do you use Thymovar?

The treatment period with Thymovar begins right after the last honey harvest, at the end of summer, i.e. around July/August. The total treatment period (assuming 2 treatments) is about 8 weeks.

Why Thymovar?

Thymovar can be an effective and especially easy treatment method for controlling varroa. The advantage of Thymovar lies mainly in its ease of use. There are no vaporizers involved, possibly putting you at risk of coming into contact with harmful substances yourself. You only need to place the strips in your hive, making Thymovar very easy to use. In addition, it is also organic and therefore excellent for the environmentally conscious beekeeper.

How do you store remaining Thymovar strips if you don't need all the strips right away?

If when treating your people(s) you have some strips of Thymovar left over, it is best to close the package with the remaining strips immediately 'airtight', i.e. well sealed with tape/adhesive tape. That way the effect will remain for quite some time and you can use your remaining strips a few weeks later for a 2nd treatment. Possibly, if very well sealed, the strip can even be used the following season.

How do you package the remaining strip "airtight"? Cut the top of the package. Remove the number of strips you need. Slide the remaining strips evenly horizontally back into the bag. Tape the exit 'airtight' with tape. Then roll up the end 3 times and tape it again. The package is now virtually airtight.


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