• Table Garlands
    Table Garlands

    Table slings are small hoing slings that are ideal for the small hobby beekeeper who wants to swing at home. They are affordable and great for swinging a small number of honey chambers.

  • Manual pendulums
    Manual pendulums

    Manually powered pendulums have no electric drive and are therefore simple to build, use and consume no power. Would you prefer a honey pendulum that can be used both manually and electrically? If so, you can. Then check out one of the other subcatagories.

  • Manual and electric pendulums
    Manual and electric pendulums

    As Imkershop, we have unique pendulums that have both manual and electric drive. Enjoy swinging manually and then just swing the remaining combs on the electric motor after a few honey chambers. With this type of honey pendulum that is possible. Ideal for a beekeeper who wants to swing both traditional honey but also likes electric very much.

  • Electric pendulum pincers
    Electric pendulum pincers

    As a beekeeper just enjoy modern, electric honey swag? That can already be done very inexpensively. Our electric pendulums come in different versions. The difference is in the design and quality of the material used. Tangentiel is the most commonly used method to get the honey out of the frames. In tangential slingers, the surface faces the inside of the slinger barrel. By flipping the windows, honey is extracted from both sides.

  • Cassette honing slingers
    Cassette honing slingers
  • Radiaal honing slingers
    Radiaal honing slingers
  • Parts for garlands
    Parts for garlands

    Need a part for your pendulum? You can find it here. For example: rubber feet for under the honey crank to protect the floor from scratches and prevent the crank from sliding or a ball bearing for your honey crank. Is your part not listed? Please contact us.