• Easter casts
    Easter casts

    Easter casts. Within this category you will find all kinds of fun molds in the Easter theme. You will find beautiful eggs, chicks, chickens, hares and much more! These molds are very cozy to burn as candles during Easter breakfast and Easter dinner.

  • Christmas casts
    Christmas casts

    In this category you will find a wide assortment of Christmas molds. With these silicone molds / casts you can make beautiful candles in the Christmas theme. Will you choose a Christmas tree, angel, snowman or a merry Christmas house?

  • Imker gietvormen
    Imker gietvormen
  • Overigen gietvormen
    Overigen gietvormen
  • Soda light molds
    Soda light molds

    Casting molds suitable for making tea lights. The molds found in this category can be combined with the [product id=617]waxinelicht bakjes aluminium (art 1221)[/product]. Do you choose tea light candles with a flat figure at the top or do you choose a tea light candle with an excellent figure?

  • Autumn casts
    Autumn casts

    Beautiful molds for making your own autumn candles. All molds have something to do with autumn, including acorns, pine cones and leaves. These candles will make your home cozy when the weather is cold and it gets dark early.

  • Animal casts
    Animal casts

    Molds with which you can make beeswax candles of animals. In this category you will find our beautiful molds of animals. Would you like to make a candle of an elephant, chicken, bunny, cow, bird, bee, owl or any other animal? Then you will find the necessary cast in this category!

  • Flower molds
    Flower molds

    Silicone molds for making candles with flower figures. These flower candles will give you a blooming feeling in your home. Do you want a wide candle with a floral design or a rose? Make your choice between the beautiful different types of flower molds.

  • Table candle casts
    Table candle casts

    Casting molds for making your own table candles. With a cast from this category you will create a nice atmosphere in your home. In this category you will find casts of smooth table candles without figures, as well as table candles with figures.

  • Pendant casts
    Pendant casts

    Pendant casts. A pendant cast is an ideal cast for in the Christmas tree or on a gift. Of course, you can also hang these pendants nicely in your home.

  • Building molding
    Building molding

    Casts of beautiful famous buildings such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or the Arc de Triomphe. Nice to put down on the table as a candle or just as a beautiful beeswax mold.